Brave X Devil Queen Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2023
Author 拾部
Artist 拾部
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Brave X Devil Queen

Hero X Demon Queen, Hero X Female Demon King, Yongzhe X Nv Mowang, Yǒngzhě X Nǚ Mówáng, 勇者X女魔王

Synopsis Brave X Devil Queen

I had yearned for the tranquility of the countryside, but destiny had other plans. Suddenly, I found myself transported to an entirely new world. Within Novice Village, I ascended to the status of a creation-level entity. And then, against all odds, I defeated the Demon Empress who ruled this realm—with only a dog I had raised by my side. From that pivotal moment, the defeated Demon Empress took up residence in my humble home, and my extraordinary adventure in this otherworldly domain began.




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