Demon Evolution Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2023
Author 黑鸟社
Artist 黑鸟社
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Demon Evolution

Demon Evolution, Demonic Evolution, Me, Evolution, and the Demons, The Devil Never Cries, Wǒ, Jìnhuà, Èmó, 我,进化,恶魔

Synopsis Demon Evolution

On the brink of death, the strongest warrior of humanity, Ang, mysteriously reincarnates sixty years into the future with the strength of the “Strongest Demon” — a dangerous double-edged sword. In order to resolve his regrets and unveil the truth, Ang has no choice but to continuously “evolve” in a bid to escape his past fate. “I won’t let myself be a bottled-up demon! If I want to get out, I must rely on myself!”(From Asura)Original Webcomic


Chapter Demon Evolution