Disastrous Necromancer Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2023
Author 慢途的猪
Artist 黑鸟社
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Disastrous Necromancer

Catastrophic Necromancer, Disastrous Necromancer, Necromancer! I Am a Disaster, NECROMANCER: King of The Scourge, Scourge Necromancer, Sǐ Líng Fǎshī! Wǒ Jí Shì Tiānzāi, 死灵法师!我即是天灾

Synopsis Disastrous Necromancer

The game has become reality, the rules of the world have been turned upside down, and humanity has entered a new era. The only way to get ahead is to become an adventurer! Grow strong by gaining levels is the only way to get ahead in this world! On the day his transformation, Lin Moyu was given a unique hidden profession: Necromancer. From now on, if any of his summoned minions survive, Lin Moyue cannot die. “I shall sit on this throne of bone, the master of life and death. I am a force of nature!”Original Webcomic


Chapter Disastrous Necromancer



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