The King of Snow Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2024
Author 漫潮社
Artist 漫潮社
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The King of Snow

Bīng Fēng Mò Rì: Jué Wú Shēng Huán Zhī Lù, Frozen Apocalypse: No Chance of Survival, Frozen Armageddon: There’s No Way Back, Frozen Doomsday: No Way to Survive, Icebound Apocalypse, The King of Snow, 冰封末日:絕無生還之路, 冰封末日:绝无生还之路

Synopsis The King of Snow

The stars shift, the blizzard persists, the icy apocalypse is imminent, food! Temperature! Violence! Dependence! In this dilemma, under the distortion of human nature, has desire given birth to monsters? How to break out of adversity and find a way to survive!Original Manhua:BiliBili Manhua