Transformed Into A Piece Of Land Color
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2024
Author 奇了漫画
Artist 奇了漫画
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Transformed Into A Piece Of Land

I Was Turned into a Piece of Land, Transformed Into a Piece of Land, Wǒ Bèi Biàn Chéngle Yīkuài Dì, 我被变成了一块地

Synopsis Transformed Into A Piece Of Land

The darkness eclipses, humans began to transform into unique monsters (Darksiders), but I got transformed into a piece of land! I live together with the other humans that managed to survived, planting crops and building walls to resist the monsters and the darkness of human nature, preserving the last spark of humanity’s fate during this apocalypse.Original Manhua:AC.QQ, KuaiKan, IQIYI